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Disable top menu turning into dropdown?

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I'm working on the default bootstrap theme and I noticed that when resizing the browser window (or viewing it with a cell phone) the top menu turns into a dropdown menu that says "Categories +".

How can I turn this off?


I want it to look the same way no matter how small the browser window is. :/

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you have to remove media queries from superfish-modified.css file located in theme module directory.

note that "original" menu on mobile device will be unreadable

Thanks for your help vekia! What original menu did you mean?

I removed all media queries, all links, both in top menu and in categories work.



@Jenetic, in the era of responsive websites, when everybody is looking for responsive design, why do you want to deactivate the responsive feature? 

I'm not deactivating it, I just didn't want the top menu links to get hidden inside the dropdown menu that prestashop creates by default.
I'm keeping the responsivness to the entire site. :)
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