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checkout message duplicate

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I use Prestashop I am working on checkout. When my customer are on the step "3. Adresse" they can add a comment. But when they go own to "4. Shipping" The comment field is away. I want to display this comment field on all steps.


How is it possible?


I tried to add

{if !$opc}
<div id="ordermsg" class="form-group">
<label>{l s='If you would like to add a comment about your order, please write it in the field below.'}</label>
<textarea class="form-control" cols="60" rows="6" name="message">{if isset($oldMessage)}{$oldMessage}{/if}</textarea>

but this doesnt work. I see the field, but the comment doesnt save (cant see it in admin).


Thanks for your help!

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