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Hi, i would like to implement my own bulk action function, like the one default in PS16 - change order status.


I was able to add a new button under the change order status, modified AdminOrdersController and added $this->bulk_actions my new action, but i can't figure out how to make own functions to process selected orders.


I think after clicking change order status is called function renderList()  in AdminOrdersController.php to show options of statuses


public function renderList()
        if (Tools::isSubmit('submitBulkupdateOrderStatus'.$this->table))
            if (Tools::getIsset('cancel'))
            $this->tpl_list_vars['updateOrderStatus_mode'] = true;
            $this->tpl_list_vars['order_statuses'] = $this->statuses_array;
            $this->tpl_list_vars['REQUEST_URI'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
            $this->tpl_list_vars['POST'] = $_POST;
        return parent::renderList();


and then function processBulkUpdateOrderStatus() to handle the selected.


Can somebody help me where can I add my own function or how to process the selected orders? Thx in advance for any help.

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