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Help! Combinations Price Increase Help

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I have a small cosmetic but annoying problem







when you choose a combination with price increase.... the increase is displayed in the current currency.

When using USD this is fine.

But when i choose EURO.. the price increase is a flat increase in EURO.

This is fine with me. But the problem shows in the shopping cart.

The Shopping cart is calculating the price increase correctly based on the USD increase value.

This is how it should be.


How can i change the wrong optical price increase in the product tab?

I want the price increase to be in my main currency.. in USD:. and increase also in USD.

And then being calculated automatically EURO. 


You can try out yourself:


1. go to http://asia-sale.com/home/119-white-basic-kungfu-pants.html#/material-linen_cotton_mix/pockets-no/open_or_closed_legs-closed

2. use euro as main currency

3. choose combination: cotton linen / mix.

4.you see a price increase based on euro

5. add the product to your cart

6. see the product price - it is different from the price shown in product tab.


I want to fix the price shown in product tab.

The price in cart is correct.


I hope the problem is clear, i hope there is a fix for this :)


Iam also willing to buy a module that can handle this, if the core software cannot do this

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