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Problem with Front Office display vs Back Office product update

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I use PS updated around 2 months ago from 1.5 (I went through few update on the PS 1.6)


The problem appeared this morning. Some products will not update in the BO, while others will update but no change in the front office.


Last night I created few new products without any problem.

This morning I tried to add to these products description, quantity, pricing etc

Each time I have the "Successful Update" message using either "Save and Stay" or "Save"

When I return to the product page in BO all the updates have vanished and back as it was.

Obviously there is no changes in the FO product page


Also: I succeed to create new products today but they will not appear in the FO (Visibility set to "Everywhere"). The product creation works fine but I cannot do any modifcations afterwards.


In catalogue > Products: Some products display a different stock level that the one on the product page.


Done so far:

Ran the Error repport without any results (using define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);)

Cleared the cache (Adv Para > Performance  Top right button "CLEAR CACHE")

Cleared cookies and history from my different browsers then re-login in my BO

Drunk too much coffee

Created new customer account and did test order (no prob)


I browsed the forum but didn't find any clue except what I have done so far





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I recently installed Prestashop and I'm noticing this same thing. It appears that if I hit F5, the page will show the updated values. Careful when saving descriptions in the back office with the non-updated values, because they will overwrite your updates -.-


Obviously that's not going to work for production....

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