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[SOLVED] Prestashop 1.6 auto logging me off

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Hi all,


I’m Ash from SA and very new to Prestashop and this forum. After numerous searches on the web and responses on this forum, with an answer I decided to ask this question here as a noob, so take it easy on me.


I’ve just installed version 1.6 and love it, however when I’m busy on the admin page I keep getting logged out…which gets annoying after a while. I have cleared my cache and restarted my browser but still the same error.


How can I resolve this issue and apologies again for the repost of this. Remember I’m a Noob at this, so tell me what info you want and where to get it and I will provide it


Thanks in advance guys for the help with getting this resolved.

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if it is dynamic you can disable this option under:

adm. preferences tab in your back office


you can define there:

- cookie life time (short cookie life time can affects too!)

- disable IP address check

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