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Stock management - same references; multiple products sharing it.

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I have multiple product listings that use the same physical stock/ item, and identical References (identical for Combination Reference also). They are just named and described differently as one product is suitable for many different purposes. Below examples are audio cables.


Combinations and References, identical across products:

  • Length -- Reference

    1m -- rca/rca/1m
    3m -- rca/rca/3m
    5m -- rca/rca/5m


The problem is with Advanced Stock Management -- it treats each Combination entry as a separate item. For example,


  • Name -- Reference -- Quantity:
'RCA audio cable' -- rca/rca/1m -- Qty 100
'SPDIF digital cable' -- rca/rca/1m -- Qty 0

Both these examples should share the same entry for stock, but Presta holds different entries for both. There are so many products in my store so the solution must "combine" identical references into a single Quantity both for adding and subtracting stock via Stock Management or a customer sale.


In short: I would like to have a single shared stock "pool" for any unique reference to share. I expect I could modify a controller file to change the way Adv Stock Management tables the stock quantities, but if someone could point me in the right direction I would be incredibly grateful. Alternatively if there is a module that handles stock better than Presta does please let me know. My thanks  :)

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I have the same problem..


Stock management ought handle product only by reference. So you can add for example 5 units, and these units are added in all products which same reference.  But It doesn't work like so.


I think Prestashop staff should think more about this problem and develop a Stock management with useful features. I think current stock management version is useless.

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