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[MODULE] Royal Mail - Display real time UK Royal Mail rates incl. a product page shipping preview

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Get real time shipping rates from UK Royal Mail (by weight / product dimensions) with shipping preview on the product page. Setup is easy, no account or API info needed!


Tested on Prestashop Version: 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6.x


Back end demo - PrestaShop 1.6: 
Replace (dot) with .
Login: test@test.com
Password: test1234
Front End (Connected to the backend) http://demo.presto-changeo.com/royal_mail/royalmailbo
Display Royal Mail shipping rates in the cart block and product page without requiring the customer to log-in.
Get real time shipping rates directly from Royal Mail.
Shipping rates are calculated by weight and dimensions, based on the following configuration options:
Single Box - Assign one box size which will be used for all products.
Multiple Boxes (Fixed Size) - Define how many products can fit in a box (number), or calculate only by weight.
Multiple Boxes (Product Dimensions) - Define all the box sizes you use for shipping, assign dimensions to your products, and the module will automatically calculate (using an algorithm we developed) how many boxes are needed to fit all the products (always trying to use the smallest / lowest number of packages).
New * Ability to have free shipping by Product, Category, Manufacturer or Supplier.
You can select which shipping options should be available.
Each shipping method can have its own Free Shipping Limit, Additional Fee, and Insurance.
Smart caching system for maximum speed.





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Unfortunately not, Royal mail changed the way their website works which broke the module.


It looks like they are about to add a proper API, once that is available, we will look into updating our module.

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Pez    1

I would also be very interested in a new module, particularly because Royal Mail is changing the way they do things and requires everyone to follow the changes in the next few months! That's why they launched the API, and is urging everyone to move from Online Business Account to Despatch Manager Online or shipping API now. It's actually causing a lot of headaches to small businesses.


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I'd be interested in this too.


But does this module not do the same thing?




There doesn't seem to be many details on it or demos etc so I'm a bit nervous about buying it. Has anyone else used it?

Did you purchase this module? I'm interested to know if it works!

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