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Product combination for set price in promotion?

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Is there any way to set a promotion so that certain products are combined for a set price?


For example, I have Product A at £10, Product B at £15 and Product C at £5


I would like to run a promo so that either all 3 products are added to the cart automatically at say £20 OR even better:


They click a link (or enter a coupon) and Products A and B are automatically entered in to the cart and when Product C is added manually (as it has many variables) the combined total is automatically discounted down to £20.


I can't see any way to do this as standard in 1.6 (I do hope I'm wrong though) but is it possible, perhaps with a module?


Thanks in advance folks!!




PS - The website is taking off really well and looking great too!

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I actually discovered that you can create a new product "pack" that can include existing products.


Does anyone know how to make this work with products with variations though?


Essentially I would like to run a promo that offers Product A (normally £10), Product B (normally £5) and any product from category C (normally £4) all for £10 - but category C has many products with their own variations (colour/size etc).


I want to make it as easy as possible so that the customer can select the PROMO, get A and B automatically added to the cart and then choose the product/variation from category C and the price is fixed at £10.


Can anyone please help with this?


Thanks again, David

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