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I need a bit of help here. I've been trying to find a navigation module that suits my needs but to no avail. I hope i describe this properly. If you need more clarification, please let me know. I added images of what i'm looking for(or similar) to get created.


I am in search of a module that will display my category image and title as a navigation button. Currently the only types of navigation menus I find are the accordion style that sit on either the left or right of the page and use plain text. I am looking for a module that will display my category w/ an image as a link, and as you go through, it shows all the subcategory images as the link to the next subcategory. I attached a couple images to help explain.


Top Level Category






Product Level



Top level in the example would be the "Repair Service" category which displays all the sub-categories to repair service. Then if you select one of the repair services, in this example I chose "iPhone Repair", it would display all the sub-category with images under "iPhone Repair." If you select "iPhone 5S Repair," since there are no more categories, it displays the products/services under that. I need someone that can create this for me.


For someone that is good with module development, i believe this will be pretty straight forward. Please PM me or respond to this post if you can help. Thank you for your time and I look forward to someone helping me with this :-)

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