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Restaurant delivery service

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want to use prestashop  for online ordering for a restaurant. How will zone , country and city be modified for online ordering. the restaurant will not deliver beyond 5 km radius.


Should zone be used to map city

country to map city zone as per local authority

city to map roads


would this be the right way to go.


please advise.

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Better you use wordpress for such project. There you have more functions already coded for free, like reservation calendar. With Prestashop you will find only some paid solutions not really well elaborated.



thank you for your reply. we plan to add multiple outlets in the city and are focus is online ordering. is prestashop unsuitable for online ordering within a city

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I have the same issue. I am creating a web store on Prestashop for a customer who wants his customers to be able to order only within a 7km radius of his restaurant.


Does anyone have any suggestions how to create this function? Are there any available modules for this purpose?


I would appreciate any help and thanks in advance!

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