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category->getProducts() select only in-stock products in 1.6.x


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I'm trying to get the Category class to return only products with a quantity greater than 0 in PS 1.6


I tried 


but it didn't seem to change anything.


I don't want them disabled, just not presented...

I have them hidden in the template, but then pagination is messed up. 


Thanks in advance for any help or advice,



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I suggest overriding the Category::getProducts() function. Copy the entire function into the override and then change both WHERE to:

WHERE p.`quantity` > 0 AND

I haven't tested this, but it should make all products without stock invisible. It might make them invisible in the Back Office too though. If that happens, you'll have to use more complicated code like:

WHERE '.(substr(Tools::getValue('controller'), 0, 5) != 'Admin' ? 'p.`quantity` > 0 AND ' : '').'

Good luck

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