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"Re-display cart at log in" option seems to not working

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Hi there


I enabled the "Re-display cart at log in"in the back-office but the cart doesn't show up once a client entered his informations


And I didn't see an issue entry in the Prestashop official bug tracker.


How does it suppose to work?



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you are not doing it wrong. :)


supplying a front office url, ps version  is helpful.


note: if you feel you need to bump a post, it's because you probably did not supply enough info.  so always review post and think what would info would be more useful to get response...also little slower on weekends.

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The problem is not about if  the cart is empty or not.


The original question is "The cart doesn't show up when I activate Re-display cart at login"


The option says " After a customer logs in, you can recall and display the content of his/her last shopping cart. "


I activated it and when I log in, the system doesn"t show me my cart.

It shows me my account "dashboard" instead


So my original question was "is it a bug in Prestashop or perhaps I'm doing something wrong here?"

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