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There's a menu at the top, which is changeable with the topmenu module.  I've figured that out.  But what about the "New Arrivals"  and "Popular" menu items?  How do I change those?



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I'm using v1.6.0.8 with the default theme that it comes with.


plants2yourdoor.co.uk/shop is the URL.


You'll see the " New Arrivals " and " Popular " links on the front page.  I'm thinking that particular menu must somehow be customiseable.  It comes that way out of the box.

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this section is a part of two hooks




if you want to manage this section you have to disable / enable modules attached to these hooks under modules > positions tab in back office (search for these hooks - you will see there list of modules associated with these hooks)


there is no other way to manage these tabs.

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