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parent categories not displaying expand/collapse broken

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since upgrading to and now on 2 sites we can no longer add a new category with a parent, it gets added to the root and we cannot move it.


When the page loads it displays both Collapse all and expand all are both displayed, but the categories are missing.


There are no categories loaded and saving will only only place the category in the root with Home, which is bad.


I've attached a screen which illustrates this.


This is a showstopper so any help would be appriciated.


All modules have been updated, especially the category modules.



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@janthemanson: never move a category to the Root. Always move it to the Home or - in a multishop setting - however you name the homecategory of that shop. Root is meant to be something to unite all the Homes of the shops - not a displayable category.


Sorry, don't get me wrong, I didn't moved the category. After saving, the category moved automatically to root.

This was a error of prestashop and I think its related to the update from 1.5.X.X to 1.6.X.X

There is something weird with categorys in our shop.


After that happend, all the subcategorys of home aren't accessible in a megamenumodule.

In Front and Backend all works fine.


I talked to the developer, but he means he uses the same lines of code that perstashop uses to call the categorys.

I don't know whats happening, but at least I stopped editing categorys till I find a solution.


Thanks @musicmaster

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I think i fixed the saving error with a fix from git.


The disapearing categories within the module resulted from the inactive Home category.

Didn't noticed that, so sorry, but it was my fault.


Seemed to be a saving error or maybe a mistake.


I think now all problems fixed.


@David Henry

I read about problems with multishop. We don't use that feature by now.

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I cannot access categories setup in the backoffice, I get this error and blank page;


Strict Standards: Declaration of Dispatcher::loadRoutes() should be compatible with DispatcherCore::loadRoutes($id_shop = NULL) in /var/zpanel/hostdata/chicnluxury/public_html/chic-n-luxury_com/override/classes/Dispatcher.php on line 0

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'public' (T_PUBLIC) in /var/zpanel/hostdata/chicnluxury/public_html/chic-n-luxury_com/override/controllers/admin/AdminCategoriesController.php on line 4


Could you help me please?


Thanks in advance

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