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Price Rules or Cart Rules in Multi Store?

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Hi All,


I have created multiple stores using multistore option. And also added different categories and products in each store.


And also created different employees to maintain different stores with limited permissions(Similar to Logistician).


Here my requirement is I need to give option like adding cart rules/price rules to employee who is responsible for the respected store(This employee can do this after login with his/her credentials). For this i have changed the permission and now he is able to add cart rules. But this cart rule is displaying other stores also and he is not having option to Restrict the Cart rule for the perticular store. And this option is having only admin(Super Admin) like Admin can restrict the cart rule for each store while creating the Cart Rule.


But my doubt is why it is not restricting when employee created Cart Rule. Because I am selecting respected store while I am creating an employee, so cart rule should be limited to the perticular store to whome he belongs to. And it is working for when he creates categories and products, those limiting the perticular store and why the samething is not happening for Cart Rules.


I need help.


Thanks inadvance...



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