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theme css is not getting updated

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I have made some changes in my front store theme css (i.e. categoty.css file ). But when I check in view source it is still showing me old css. 


I tried 2 things below:(Prestashop V

1) From Advanced Parameters -> Performance -> Cleared smarty cache & autoload cache. by using force compilation option also.

2) Deleted cache folder.

  But these 2 options did not work for me.


Then I checked the header details of category.css file. And I found the status code of this file as


  1. Status Code:
    304 Not Modified


Any help will be appreciated.

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I do not know how. But it is fixed now. I just did the following thing.


Advanced Parameters-> Performance 

Went to => CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) Section.


For Smart cache for CSS Choose  Use CCC for CSS And then reverted back to Keep CSS as original and found it fixed.



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