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SQL database too big: file size over 3,3 GB - how to reduce it?

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I want to upgrade from PS to latest version of PS.


while performing the different steps of the upgrade, I noticed that my database size is 550 MB compressed in .zip and over 3,3 GB in the .sql format.


this is crazy.


I have 2500 products on sale, 6 different languages, and about 1400 registered customers.


any suggestion on how to shrink its size?


I can get rid of statistics, if you can tell me which tables I should delete.


largest tables are shown in the image




is there a way to lighten the db? I mean, may I just delete the rows in those tables?


thank you guys for your help



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from these tables you can get rid of ps_guest, ps_connection, ps_connections_source & ps_statssearch. These only contain statistical information. Plus their should be ps_connection_page stat table as well.

Plus I would recommend you to decrease the number of languages - isn't Pareto's law of 20/80 working here? 20% of customers (languages) bring 80% of revenues?

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I would not delete those tables, I would simply truncate them.

But before making any changes, BACK UP YOUR CURRENT DATABASE AS IT IS.

Anything can go wrong and I can not emphasize the importance of that statement.


The thing is, that PS will continue to flood these tables with stats, I think that this depends if you have those stats modules installed or not. If you're not going to use those modules, you can simply get rid of them in your back office.

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