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Sale E-tickets


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I would like to create a website where i can sale E-ticket, having quite searched and  I found nothing interesting, because I want to install and parameterize myself. 


this is why I turn to a prestashop add on. 


Here are the conditions: 


- A person can ordered a ticket and if she wants once  paid he can mailed to one of his colleague (so I have an email  of the other person) 

- In the same style she can offer to another person by entering their email address and the ticket is sent. 

- We can customize the design of the ticket 

-be able to print a list of tickets sold in stores that we can know what ticket are in circulation 

-may be able to scan tickets 

-possibility to posted the event on facebook twitter etc for the client from the site 

- And finally, if possible a add on working on  prestshop 1.6


thx and if you have other better idea than prestashop feel free :)


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Golden Sun,

Do you ask someone to build this for you?

If so, let me know, then I can move the post to the 'Job Offers' sub forum:  http://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/235-job-offers/


If you ask another question, please elaborate.




HI, i m asking if any add on already exist to do this or something like this  (i dont want to move to job offer ^^)or maybe if somone know a better way of do it with an other tool not only prestashop


thx ^^

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