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Add customizable field to product when added to cart


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Hello! I would like to know how can I add a customizable field to each product in order to allow the user to add any comment they want to add about each product they add to the cart so I can see this commentaries in the back office in the details of the order. There is something similar to do this, when you add a product in the backoffice but it has to be done one by one in each product and this is just impossible to do in a store with many products! My idea is to add a new field in the database like quantity in product_cart or product_sale but I dont know exactly how to do this.


Thanks very much

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i think a way would be to write a module, which generates a form with a textbox for comment on each product. and hook it to displayshoppingcart to show it. then when the user enters comments, save them to the custom field you create in the orders table.. just one way to go..

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