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[SOLVED] Remove the black contenair price when hover the grid list product.

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Hi again presta forum!


I'm  looking for some help for...

I would like to remove the black contenair and the price on it that appears when mouse is hover the grid list product, image below.


Many thanks for reply.


(presta 1.6, theme default)


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product_list.css located in /css/ directory in your template dir.


line ~123

ul.product_list.grid > li .product-container .product-image-container .content_price {
position: absolute;
left: 0;
bottom: -1px;
width: 100%;
background: url(../img/price-container-bg.png);
padding: 9px 0;
display: none;

remove background param.

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Thanks again Vekia!


And (in the same file) line ~ 185

 ul.product_list.grid > li.hovered .product-container .product-image-container .content_price {

display: block; }


change display: block; to display: none;}


Like this the price inside the black contenair does not show up too.

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great :-) thank you for your snippet

i just thought that you wanted to change background only

anyway, glad to hear that you found own solution

Hi Vekia , I need your help, i would like to display the star rating without the need to move my mouse on it.. and i would also like "free shipping" text to appear on each product that have free shipping..


the hover display should remain same.. but i need these change before hover.. check on photo how it should be.. can you help plz?

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