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[SOLVED] prestashop_1.6.0.8 admin login loop

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i've just downloaded prestashop v.

i installed in my newly rented hosting with new database

instalation runs smooth

buat after i delete install folder and rename admin folder

when i login (entered username and password), it didnt go to dashboard, it keep looping in the login


when i keep trying, an error showed up


There is one error.

  1. The Employee does not exist, or the password provided is incorrect.

so i checked in phpmyadmin at employee database, and my user is there, with correct email and encrypted password.


i have reinstalled twice, but same problem still occur.

i tried doing it with xampp at my localhost, it went fine and i can login.

but when i tried at my hosting, it keeps looping at login.


the password is correct, and email is correct too, ive double checked it.

please help

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I've done another check, and this problem is only occur on my mobile network (my mobile modem and my tablet), login works fine on landline network. I checked the cookies, and i found out that cookie expire time instantly, so i set the cookie expired time to 2033. and i can login, but still whenever i click anything, it ask me to login again..

Please help

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I just installed a few updates on the modules when using my landline network, after that those errors just dissapear. Still dont know why... Anyway, my problems are solved now. Thank for replies :)

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