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Can I force customer to select attribute?

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A product has different sizes to choose from.


If the customer doesn't select a size and just presses add to cart the first size is automatically selected.


Is there a way to force the customer to select the size before adding to the cart?


I know you can disable add to cart when viewing products in lists but you can still add when viewing individual products.


Help appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I use a module that allow for required to be set for attributes but that is not the primary purpose of the module so a bit of overkill just to have this one feature. Presto-Chango Attribute Wizard Pro will do it for you but I would suggest looking around as there might be a simpler solution.

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Well guys i searched around and found this: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/274265-how-to-enable-choose-size-text-in-drop-down-on-combinations/?p=1754797


I commented out the original code and added this in my product.tpl

<option value="choose" selected="selected" title="--choose--">{l s='--Please Select--'}</option>
{foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute}
<option value="{$id_attribute|intval}" {if (isset($smarty.get.$groupName) && $smarty.get.$groupName|intval == $id_attribute)} selected="selected" {/if} title="{$group_attribute|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">

Then in back office i changed translation to:

This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination.=  "Please select your combinations !!!"


And lastly in themes/my_theme/css/product.css on line 747 changed colour to red

  background-color: #ff0000;

Seems to work with mutiple dropdowns as well




Please back-up before trying this on your own site..



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I changed this one:

This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination.=

It originally said something like " The product is not available in this combination but is available in another"


I havent tried this with lots of combinations so will be glad to hear from others.


Shall do some more testing on this and report back

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Hey today i was thinking, maybe what you could do to improve your way is to make it so that when o specific attribute is not available any more, instead of showing your translated message, it cold just disappear hide, now i don't know how to write code so I can't help you there, but if you know you could give this a try, if you further want to improve your way. Let me know if it is clear, and what do you think.





select attrib

attr 1 size a

attr 2 size b

attr 3 size c



select attrib

attr 1 size a

attr 3 size c

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Strange you can`t do this in prestashop it is normal in almost all other e-commerce..


Why do we have to choose a standard attribute? If not, that would almost solve the problem - And it IS a problem, costumers actually do forget to chose, and then it is on to costumerservice.

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Well interested in the outcome of this. I was actually building an ecommerce website based on prestashop but this problem has stopped me from doing so since all products I have are combination products (it really is not an option to make them all individual products...)


This definitely is a huge problem and will result in a negative user experience with all the consequences to follow...

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If anyone is still interested i kind of solved it with half of "mickeyboy1" solution:

Change the translation:
This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination. To what ever you want/need 

​Than you need access to the database on line 5398:


INSERT INTO `ps_product_attribute_shop` (`id_product_attribute`, `id_shop`, `wholesale_price`, `price`, `ecotax`, `weight`, `unit_price_impact`, `default_on`, `minimal_quantity`, `available_date`) VALUES


And change this:


to this:
this way you need to do products one by one or
with phpMyAdmin go to ps_product_attribute_shop and change all the 1 to 0 in the "default on" column 
This way when you open the product, all the combination will be deselected and you get a warning message of what ever you put in the translation and if you have an out of stock product you will get the standard one with those attributes but is available with others.
Now i need some help in changing the background color of the message i know that it can be changed on:
themes/my_theme/css/product.css on line 747
But this will change both the message that you've just translated and the out of stock one, does anyone know how to make it so it would be 2 different color? Thanks
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