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Poll: what is not working for you on ebay module 1.6.7


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I have reading a lot of topics regarding ebay module 1.6.7


I see a lot of people with problems like me.


I want to make a poll to see how many people is still having problems and have all the problems toghether to try to solve it easier for the team.


I will update the topic with new problems an try to find solutions.


Please vote the current problems and give yours, it's suppose my module it was working good . Notice to put your language.


So for me:


Language: Spanish


module:        1.6.7


1º Prestashop is note receiving orders from ebay (only 1 worked for me)


2º Sync is not made automatically (how to check that?)


3º Shipping cost not syncrhonize(for worldwide)


4º Not helping errors when upload the products (so it's difficult to resolve)


5º Module create new shipping options on ebay each time I sync.

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I installed the module and now my website is down, only displays a white page.  I can't uninstall and I can't delete.  Gives me the following error: 


[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module Module:
Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException' with message 'Class CartOverrideOriginal_remove53d1c8a42f8d7 does not exist' in /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/classes/module/Module.php:2484 Stack trace: #0 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/classes/module/Module.php(2484): ReflectionClass->__construct('CartOverrideOri...') #1 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/classes/module/Module.php(2393): ModuleCore->removeOverride('Cart') #2 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/classes/module/Module.php(592): ModuleCore->uninstallOverrides() #3 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/modules/ebay/ebay.php(333): ModuleCore->uninstall() #4 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php(645): Ebay->uninstall() #5 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php(1038): AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessDelete() #6 /home3/tristaw6/public_html/voodoolacrosse/classes/controller/Controller.php(171): AdminModulesCont



Any help is appreciated! I can't update the site and can't do anything with the ebay module now.

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If order is made in Prestashop, new quantities are NOT synched with eBay.


It seems that the quantity in eBay will be updated only if there is a succeeding order made in prestashop...



Prestashop qty = 5

Ebay remaining qty = 5


Purchase same item in prestashop:

Order1 = 1 qty

Prestashop remaining qty = 4

eBay remaining qty= 5


Order2 = 2 qty

Prestashop remaining qty = 2

eBay remaining qty= 4


Order3 = 1 qty

Prestashop remaining  qty = 0

eBay remaining  qty= 2



prestashop version

eBay module version 1.6.7

already placed the StockAvailable.php in /override/classes/stock

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