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merchant account choice

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I am discovering slowly PS with every day and looking forward to have the shop up and running.
But as a rookie in the ecommerce, I still have many things unclear, manly related to the payment options.

First and foremost, seems like there is a lot of happening in the payment module, but for me it is a little confusing as many solutions come from all over and they are not structured. This makes it very dificult to know what would be the right way to go.

Now the problem:
I don't know what merchant account to choose and not to have too much trouble with integration in PS. I know what criteria are important when choosing the MA, but too many variable.

1. If I have the business incorporated in Romania (UE) and I make shipping worldwide (mainly western Europe and US), where should the MA be located. I know I cannot get the MA in US, but not sure about restictions within EU. BTW, I can get a bank account in UK without problems.

2. I read lots of reviews about US MA (also very good rates), but so little about international (well, Europe) providers. Is there a list/review you know about such MA that provide reliable service and good rates? (2checkout.com it 5.5% plus 0.45 or so, very very high). What rates should i expect for non-US MA?

3. For integration with PS, what interface is the important : the one of the payment gateway provider (i.e. authorize.net) or of the merchant account provider (i.e. charge.com)?

there are some other fogy issues, but these are the most burning ones.


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