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PS, Pricerules show no Cart Rule (shows vouchers)

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Upgraded from PS 1.4 to

One problem: When I go in the backoffice to "Price Rules", I have 3 options:

1. vouchers

2. catalogue price rules

3. marketing


The first option however should be 'cart rules' (to set vouchers). But it's not there and the label is voucher instead of cart rules.

When I click on the button 1 ('vouchers'), I get an error saying 'Controller not found'.

See attachment.


I've tried to find out if it's a translation problem, but can't find it. Is this a bug? Anybody recognizes this problem? I'm really in need of an answer, vouchers (cart rules) are important!!


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@sonjasonja, I have exactly the same issue and have been posting my questions a couple of times in this forum. Sadly there has been only one response which does not help. I am starting to regret that I have chosen Prestashop for my own shop. There is so little support.


Have you found a solution to this yet? Could you share with me your solution?

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@Cha Wang: I upgraded to and then the problem was solved. In I have 'vouchers' (to make vouchers for persons or in general), catalogue price rules (to make discount for complete catalogue), and 'marketing' (that shows modules related to marketing).

In previous versions, cart rules were visible. However, in PS 1.6 this is called Vouchers. And with that, you can set vouchers and discounts. The 'bug' that showed the message that the controller was missing, turned out to be a PS bug and once I upgraded to everything was working great....


In general I am very happy with Prestahop. I get a lot of help from experts on this forum (I"m not an expert myself), usually within a very short notice. Only this problem (with the vouchers) did'nt give me any reaction, I think because nobody had the same problem (it was a bug in PS I think)...

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