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Dipslay specific price for a product


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I would like to dipslay the specific price applied in the product page when a user change the quantity.


My question is : any prestashop core function i could use to do that ? i mean a function which i'll send the product id and the quantity and give me the specefic price applied.



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Sending productid is not solution of your problem. If you want to add this feature then must take care of combination too that user selects & then price changes.


There is a trick you can do... hide the price of product/combination using visibility hidden & then write a jquery function that will read that price & qty. You can multiply them & display whether desire. This event should fires on changing the combination or quantity.





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I dont want to display the total price by quantity ! I want to display the specefic price used for the quantity / combination specsified by the user.


I want to display something like that select a combinason or a quantity : "For the quatity and the combinasion chosen you will get -2% reduce."

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