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Disable Automatic Update of Prestashop

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Hi friends,


Can someone tell me how to disable automatic update of prestashop version. The Automatic Update reverting my customized theme. Is there any way to preserve the theme(like the child theme in wordpress) files after updating of prestashop ?

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You may not have the full story, Bellini13. I copied the default theme and renamed it, so copying it out and renaming it does not safeguard it from damage caused by the update.


The automatic update not only "reverted" parts of my theme, but completely corrupted it so that my shop was completely hosed. I had to revert to backup from the day before.


I had turned off the automatic updater, but stupidly did it BEFORE I restored from backup. Without realizing it, the restoration restored my earlier autoupdate settings, and so the same thing happened to me a SECOND time, and I ended up losing about 5 hours of additional work on the site because I hadn't noticed my theme was corrupted again. SHEESH.


I have now completely turned off the autoupdater. I will never turn on autoupdater again. Based upon what I've been reading in the forums, there is not a lot of care taken with autoupdates to stay out of renames or copied themes, and many things break. Even images themselves got replaced. My guess is that autoupdating is still in infancy and should not be relied upon - ESPECIALLY if you've made any changes to anything on the site (and who hasn't?)


Anyway - to answer your question, kirante043, it may depend upon your hosting setting, not Prestashop. I use GoDaddy. When I installed Prestashop, I used the autoinstaller, and set it to "autoupdate" minor security updates". To stop the autoupdate I had to go into my cpanel, get into the applications hosting area, choose Prestashop, click the little wrench, and set it to Never AutoUpdate. I haven't had a problem since.


The answer may be very different if you use the 1 click update module that I've seen, which is inside Prestashop. I would expect that module to do a better job - but at this point I'm so wary that I think I will just avoid all updates until I have a completely working site and better understand how it works.


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