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Override AdminProductController and change price.js


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I´m trying to override AdminProductController.php and this is working fine, with almost all my overrided functions, but I ´m trying to import another distinct prices.js located in my module folder (original is located in /rootfolder/js/ folder).


The strange thing here is that js is not set in setMedia function but in postProcess (look at adminProductController of ps 1.5.6) and changing _PS_JS_DIR_.'price.js', to _PS_MODULE_DIR_.'pricerules/js/price.js', is not working


If I look with the chrome inspector, I see the imported file is the original one and not my module js.


Any ideas about what I´m doing wrong ?

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I´m getting crazy...

If I put a die("messege") before $this->addJS() call function in AdminProductController::postProcess(), I can read the message in the screen when installing the override and entering in the add product or edit product tab. So the code is executed till there. But I cant see the JS code to be added!

This is how the override class include the js:


I just change _PS_JS_DIR_.'price.js' for _PS_MODULE_DIR.'pricerules/js/price.js') without success. The program flow executes till at least the prior line where I did the die call, so... whats wrong ?
I noticed that comenting the $this->addJS full call doesn´t change anything, so more mistery then... Where is added the /js/price.js ?
Another, maybe, important detail may be the way this js is passed to the navigator:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/telerosa/admin6919/../js/price.js"></script>
It jumps from my admin folder to the previous one with .., and in the AdminProductController this is not being done because there it´s passed _PS_JS_DIR_.'price.js' to addJS call. As far as I know _PS_JS_DIR_ doesn't concatenate inside itself the admin dir.
Any help will be appreciated
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