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Net Profit in products with Combinations doesnt work


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Net calculator doesnt work on products with combinations of price.


I got a product which has a 2 Combinations of weight. 100g pack (default) , and 200g pack .


100g pack - If I set wholesale on 10$ and retail 15$ , the Net profit calc. works fine. ( shows 5$ profit).


But option 200g pack ( wholesale 20$ ,retail is 30$ , profit 10$ , so I set Impact on price 15$ ) , Net profit calc. shows 20$ profit instead of 10$.  


It seems to take profit from 100g pack (5$) option and add price inpact (15$ ) , then it makes 20$ profit, which is not correct.

200g pack  - there is a box whole sale price , which says (Overrides the wholesale price from the "Prices" tab.),  but no metter I write in there, I doesnt have any impact on Net profit calc.


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