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How to migrate from to a 1.6.X and not to cry afterwards?


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Hi Presta ppl,


I've been Prestashop user for more then a year now and to be honest my feelings towards Prestashop are getting stronger every day  :rolleyes: .

Our one and only PS website (www.dekom.co.rs) is still using and that wouldn't be a problem if many things work fine on it but that's not the case. is full of all kind of bugs and most recent 1.5 Fixes voting are prove of that. Essential things like Google Sitemap generator and even search module are not working properly.


Our theme is default and athough it worked fine for us till now, we do need to change it as well.


We moved to more powerful VPS hosing and I hope settle with these guys for good.


For all these reasons I want to do a complete migration to a 1.6.X hoping this will fix the bugs at least partially, to implement new theme and to make a some kind of fresh start.

Is this possible or I  will need to cry and loose couple of months of my life and numerous sleepless nights?  :ph34r: 

Thank you all in advance.


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You can also try Cart2Cart to migrate all your database from PS to 1.6 automatically. All your products, customers, orders along with other corresponding information will be transferred in a few hours. The whole process is quite simple, just follow a step by step migration wizard. The thing is design will not be migrated, but as you've mentioned you wish to implement a new theme so it won't be a problem at all. 


Best Regards,

MagneticOne Team

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