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We encountered a problem with payments when rounded, the amount paid is actually different from the amount confirmed, this gave us the error on orders where the status would be Payment Failed due to a 2c difference.


To fix this we changed the 2 to a 3 on this line in defines.inc.php




But now all of our products are listed with 3 decimal places, like €9.990.


Is there a better solution?



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Hi David,


We're currently working on fixing the issues that you may have encountered with rounding on PrestaShop. Actually, there's an updated version of PrestaSthop available here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/350813-tax-and-rounding-fixes-testers-needed/?p=1777830 


Not only do we strongly recommend that you upgrade and get a chance to have your store run exactly the way you want to, but we also need users like you to run some tests and report any rounding-related bug you come across. 


First and foremost, we hope this upgrade makes your life easier on PrestaShop.

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