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USPS carrier module

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I have installed the USPS carrier module, and have entered in the information provided by USPS.  The connection works, so no problem there. 


I have weights set for each of my products, and want to charge shipping based on those weights.  If the customer puts one item in the cart that weighs 1 ounce and a second item in the cart that weighs 2 ounces, I want the shipping rate to be calculated on the total weight of 3 ounces (ie $2.32 for total shipping).


When I test this in my online store, shipping is being calculated separately on each item instead of on the total weight of both items (ie $4.64 for total shipping). 


Do I need to go into Shipping in my backend and set weight ranges and assign shipping fees to each range?  If so, why?  This seems to defeat the purpose of having the module installed.


If anyone has this working could you please respond?  I would love to get this working.


Thanks in advance!



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