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Connection was reset - Solved

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Hello guys


Just wanna share how i managed to solve the "Connection was reset" error.


This was happening randomly on my site, when i logged out (didnt work), updating translations, etc.


When i enabled debug, it didnt show anything, my apache logs was empty, so it was a huge bug without a trace.


Solved by setting my memory_limit a little lower, e.g, from 2048M to 1024M in my PHP.ini


My VPS has 4GB memory, so the 2048M that crashed my site randomly, wasnt even close to use it all.


Hope it will help somebody out there. :)

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I have similar problem. My site working properly but while trying to enter the admin panel I get an error "The connection was reset -
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
" Yesterday I was enter the admin panel many times. Today, this problem has occurred spontaneously.

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