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prestashop quantity does not update


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I am testing the synchronization of ebay and prestashop using the ebay module.


If I update the product quantity in prestashop it also updates the quantity in ebay. However, when  I changed the quantity in ebay it is not updating the quantity in prestashop.


Any idea why it is not working in vice versa?

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I did a fresh install of eBay module.


However this is now the case:




Prestashop qty = 5

Ebay remaining qty = 5


Purchase same item in prestashop:

Order1 = 1 qty

Prestashop remaining qty = 4

eBay remaining qty= 5


Order2 = 2 qty

Prestashop remaining qty = 2

eBay remaining qty= 4


Order3 = 1 qty

Prestashop remaining  qty = 0

eBay remaining  qty= 2


It seems that the quantity in eBay will be updated only if there is a succeeding order made in prestashop...


Any idea please how to solve this?



prestashop version

eBay module version 1.6.7

already placed the StockAvailable.php in /override/classes/stock

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Hi Prestalia, thanks again for spending your time in answering my post...


The problem is I have already included the StockAvailable.php based on that link :)


Is there anyway to solve this? Or is this an existing issue with eBay module and has not been solved so far?


If this issue still occur, we might have negative quantities in prestashop store...


Any other suggestions?

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Hi anyone please? I have already emailed the ebay developers about this but so far I haven't received a reply yet...


May I ask if somebody is encountering or have already encountered this issue? what could be the possible fix/solution?


This is such a headache for me because in the future we might have negative quantities in prestashop due to unsynchronized quantities between ebay and prestashop... also an item sale in ebay might happen despite the fact that the quantity is already 0 in prestashop store...

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Have you tried contacting 202? I have and they are looking into it on my site. No news yet though... I have also discovered that if I go into the product details in the back office and click the "save" button, the item is removed / reduced to zero on eBay. It just doesn't get reduced or removed when an order is placed, or through the autosave feature on the product pages.


In my "My eBay > Selling" page, the custom label sometimes doesn't match the reference number for the product, and I wonder if this is where the problem lies?


For instance, for a product with the reference no 24053, the variations have the correct reference number, but the master listing has a label which corresponds to a completely different product. (see the attached image)ebay.jpg

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