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How to upload hundreds of attributes automatically

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We re currently experimenting with PrestaShop and are trying to set up a store with approximately 80 000+ Articles.

We re facing issues concerning the upload of product features and attributes.


Is there a possibility (perhaps a tool) to automate the upload of hundreds of possible attributes and their respective values?

Or do we have to do it manually in a csv file and type in all the possible attributes with the refering key?


Best regards,


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You can use a CSV (and some code that can set features and attributes in the file.) But there are so many possible variables it can't be done "automatically" without some input from you.


For example you might have 20 products that have a size attribute, but 10 of them have only S,M,L and the other 10 have only M,L,XL. There has to be some way to "automatically" differentiate one set of products from the other.  Also prices for the various sizes might be different.


The one case where it can be done is when all of the products in the file have the same set of attributes and values. This can be done without any code at all just by creating the CSV and duplicating the attribute fields.


I can help you with this work if you are interested.  You can contact me at the email below.


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I can advise you Automated Product Import plugin of Store Manager for PrestaShop addon. 

It allows to automate CSV import task and you will be able to run import locally, so it will not overload your server.

Check this article on what is required to check to do import attributes accurately - http://www.prestashopmanager.com/useful-articles/prestashop-product-management/prestashop-attribute-import/

You can download 30-days free fully-functional trial version of the software and check if it works for you.

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