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I'm have a very strange problem with my prestashop installation.


I have Prestashop installed and I'm trying to edit the email's that are sent to the customer when a new account is made or when a new order is created.


The strange thing is, the new order email is showing the correct output when an order is made, but when a new customer registers a template which is NOT even in the folder is appearing.  The same goes for any kind of email confirmation.  It's weird, i've checked the folders where these html files reside and they're all plain, just simple white background with black text where as the email confirmations being sent have pink links and pink blocks which contain text.


It seems like the default mail templates are being used but I checked the default templates and they're all white, with no pink styling.


Anyone know how this is happening and how I can fix this?





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Just as I posted my query I managed to solve it.  It looks like that the HTML templates contain a reference to a color within the inline styles like this:

<td style="background-color: {color};</td>

If this is the case, how do I change this default colour without amending it in every single HTML file?

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