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Shipment always free

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Well. It's about 1 month I have Prestashop


I asked for some help to this forum because the shipment cost don't work and the cart has everytime "shipment free". And, obviously, not one answer.


This a big problem.


Carrier is set.

Costs are set.

Each product has weight and size.

Cart everytime with free shipment.


I spent a lot of money in Prestashop, but I can't continue if the problems are not solved.


Someone has some hints?

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Check again all the options from the carrier :

be sure not to set "free shipping".

set price for every country.


Also check the general shipping options,

where you can set a free shipping for a certain order amount or a certain order weight.

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  • 1 month later...


carrier set to all groups, trying to set all zones and also trying creating a zone called "italy" because my clients are italian (I'm in Italy too).


At the beginning I've not set  the guest clients, but nothin is changed with or without guests.

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Matteo, grazie ma anche così il carrello mostra spedizione gratuita.


A causa dell'ennesimo bug di prestashop, devo per forza applicare un'azione (ossia fare uno sconto) per registrare una regola. E se anche creo una regola di impatto zero che comprende paesi di applicabilità, corrierie ecc. il risultato è sempre "spedizione gratuita".


Se non fosse che ho speso una cifra per questo sistema, avrei già buttato tutto.

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beato lui.

con regole carrello, senza regole carrello, con zona italia, senza zona italia, con regole corrieri o senza, con fasce di prezzo o senza...


non c'è modo di fare funzionare il sistema.


e in questo forum non c'è stata nemmeno 1 risposta decente, a parte la tua.

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I also have the same problem as you did when first install the shop and use the default carriers. After trying many configurations I finally came up with a solution, though it sounds stupid. The solution is:

1. Remove all carriers

2. Remove all products that have set to the default carriers

3. Add new carrier

4. Add the product back and choose the newly created carrier


The "always free shipping" problem should be solved now.


Hope it helps!

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A solution, ncskfile, is:

1 - do this query directly in the database to remove all association product-carrier

2 - remove the carrier

3 - do a query to finally remove carriers

4 - pray

5 - spent 2 days re-inserting the products

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