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how to get multiple select input type value in HelperForm in prestashop 1.6

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Hello ,

 I have used multiple select input type in my modules configuration but when i submit it gives me only last selected options value inspite of all that are selected value for getting value I have used Tools::getValue() function. please give me some solution so that i can get all selected options value

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Two persons with the same problem and still not an answer...


Let's see if the number gets to three changes something...


Btw these damned Helpers are really difficult to use (and buggy?) and there is really no documentation at all...(please don't link me the PS doc about them because for me that is definitely not a doc!)

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Ok, the problem could be related to the name give to the select input type.


It needs to be something like:

  'type' => 'select',
  'name' => 'your_name[]',
  'multiple' => true,
  'options' => array(

Beware of the square brackets for the select input type name [] .


They aren't automatically added by the `'multiple' => true` directive! But actually I think they should.


I hope I solved the problem, @NishantVadgama if so go on and mark the topic as solved ;)

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