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Remove unwanted banners on home page

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I have two unwanted banners to the right of the scrolling banners which I have temporarily removed and also 5 banners at the bottom of the page which I also want to remove or edit but I have searched every module I have in order to edit these banners but have not been able to find anything to do it.

I had the same problem when I was trying to add the shop logo and couldn't find how to do it and was about to go on the forum when the required information appeared in the themes modules and I was wondering if the same problem exists here with missing controls in the theme module.

Any feed back would be helpful as this banners at present are pretty useless with just temporary text that makes no sense to anyone.

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Login as Admin -> Modules -> Theme configurator
Here you will find those 5 Banner is Hook Home section, just delete them. For better understanding look at screenshot http://awesomescreenshot.com/0142y25e56


And for Shop logo Go to Preferences -> Themes. Under Appearance section upload Required logo

For reference of logo http://awesomescreenshot.com/0672y25q96






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