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How to change position of products

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I added 10 products to my site, but I can't seem to change the position of the products, there's one product I want above another one.


I though it was as simple as drag-n-drop, but I can't do that, and I can neither change the product ID.


Anyone who can help me :)?

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Delete cache force compilation

and in BO > Preferences > Products > Pagination > Default order by : select Position inside category.

Thanks S-Hammani,

This solution helped to order  my product list under the catagories tab.

I would like to refine the choice even further by displaying 2 product pictures nexto each other.

For example - One packet of size 1 and nexto that picture, four packets of size 1.

Do you know where I can set that choice? 

Many thanks for  your help.


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