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Cant upgrade to 1.6

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Im getting error while upgrading to v 1.6 from


The pre-Upgrade checklist is all green




zip->extractTo() : unable to use /home/u497096935/public_html/admin7213/autoupgrade/latest as extract destination.
What im doing wrong?
Whaiting for help, thanks!
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Same problem here. Can't update my test site from to


This is my log:


Downloaded archive will come from https://www.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.6.0.9.zip


MD5 hash will be checked against ee7286f0ffc775898136c8c560b08d68


downloading from https://www.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.6.0.9.zip


file will be saved in /var/www/xn--blegrden-d0af.dk/public_html/prestashop/admin8264/autoupgrade/download/prestashop.zip


download directory has been emptied


Download complete.


"/latest" directory has been emptied


Using class ZipArchive...


zip->extractTo(): unable to use /var/www/xn--blegrden-d0af.dk/public_html/prestashop/admin8264/autoupgrade/latest as extract destination.

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I did not understand very well how you proceeded.
In summary:
you have downloaded the latest version from this link:
you have unzipped the file .zip and uploaded it in:
1) adminxxx/autoupgrade/prestashop
2) adminxxx/autoupgrade/latest/prestashop
I do not know if it's just the first or second.

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