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extension module EBAY


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I have installed and configured a free module EBAY. 


This module allows you to choose only one region of the continent, and we were a few teeth separate regions, as in the figure. 



Does anyone of you is able to expand the selection? So they can choose another region as Europe, America, Asia and AUSTRALIA because in a free module allows only selected by me one region, and wants to do separately because we can not do identical expensive shipments to all countries, because they either have zawyzszyc price or pay extra for packages. If you select from a brac price from the price list for EUROPE retrieve it from the price only. 

  It should be a different delivery cost for individual states.


Or do you have the instructions to modify the files?

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I think you can't because in ebay is the same problem :(


So for me is.

6€ shipping to spain

17€ shipping to europe

39€ shiiping worldwide


Anyway module not syncronyze shipping prices correctly


presta ebay 1.6.7



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If talking about Internation Shipping ebay allow specify multiple destination location for one shipping method.

Also you can select multiple supported destination where you can ship (shared between all shipping methods).

And also exclude some location from shipping (shared between all shipping methods).




This is how ebay work.

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