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Dimensions at product combinations

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I found several posts related to this issue. None of them has an accurate answer at all.


If I had to build a shop where I sell let's say furniture, and I have a table that has 3 different sizes I wouldn't just set an attribute like S, M, L, etc. People would rather look for its dimensions. So far I realise this is only possible via "product features", but this won't let me set no more than one dimension per product.


The two main problems are:


- I need one product, several combinations. Including dimensions.


- My shipping courier requires weight and dimensions to determine the product's shipping cost.



Does somebody went through this issue before or have a clue on how to proceed with these type of products?


Thank You!


PS: I'm running v1.6

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I am also wondering about this.  My product has a size attribute group with multiple size values.  The shipping cost from Fedex will be higher depending on the size selected.  In my current older version of prestashop 1.25 the attributes have an associated depth, width, and height which is sent to a fedex module for calculating price.  However in 1.6 I do not see this.

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