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[SOLVED] displayLeftcolumn not showing up on front page

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After using the 1-click upgrade 1.3.12 to go from Prestashop 1.5.5 to I am having a issue where my left column on the home page is not showing up. 


By default everything is hooked to the left and I made sure the modules are enabled but still I cant seem to get anything to show up.  I can hook them to the right and they show up with no prob on the front page. 


On the product pages left and right columns show up. Im just having the issue with the home page.


Ultimately I'm just trying to get the left column to show up in any theme specifically the categories. Thanks for any help that is offered.






-- Resolved by editing exceptions in the Categories block under displayLeftColumn  and removed all the duplicates in the line.



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Maybe someone can help explain the solution in more detail for me. 


My website is: www.desperatehousewine.com


On the landing page, there is nothing in the left and right sides. 


If you click on countries: http://www.desperatehousewine.com/12-countries

you will see that the left side has several modules. I would like these modueles to also be visible on the front page but I do not know how. I assume it is fairly easy if you know how to but I have spent quite some time without luck so far.


I have tried to transplant the Categories Block module but PS is saying that the module is already listed under the hook Displayleftcoloumn but it is not visible on front page. 


Thanks in advance,


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Sorry about the maintenance mode - I thought I had brought it back and did not notice because my IP address is obviously allowed to see the site under maintenance mode...


I tried this process:

Themes > Theme >> advanced settings
scroll down to see "APPEARANCE OF COLUMNS" enable left column for index
don't forget to clear cache in ADVANCED PARAMETERS >>>  PERFORMANCE
I do not have an option called "index" but I have ticked off Catalog and other boxed to test the effect. I have also clicked Yes/No in the defult left coloumn and right coloumn above and it has no effect.
I have the catalog block, the tags block etc in the exact place I want them when I go to this sub-section: http://www.desperate...om/12-countries but not on the front page www.desperatehousewine.com
- any other thoughts why they appear on sub sites but not the front page?
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