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Statcounter javascript issue in prestashop 1.6

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I have a problem installing statcounter code in prestashop 1.6.

I pasted the statcounter code in footer.tpl or header.tpl. However as prestashop is reordening inline javascript to the bottom of the page, the <scripts> and <noscripts> code blocks does not seem to be in the right order anymore for statcounter to function propperly.

Is there any work around?





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Solved !


You need to override Media.php :
create a new document Media.php
with some code that i can't post (file attached)


And then, save the file in override/classes
Next, add the code data-keepinline="true" in your script
Exemple :

<script type="text/javascript" data-keepinline="true">
// this script will remain here when rendered
alert( "hello!" );
<script type="text/javascript">
// this script will be forced to the bottom of the page
alert( "hello again!" );
I hope it will work for you !


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