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Email Template for Order Confirmation: about "placeholders"

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Hi guys,

Using PS
I´m trying to configure the email Order Confirmation, and I need to change some information. I need to display different info like:
- Total paid without TAX
- Total TAX.. but just from the products, and not including the shiping Tax...

I tried to put variables {total_paid_tax_excl} or som other variables that I found on the "/classes/order/Order.php" or "classes/Cart.php"... but not luck!! (was a long shot...)

Does anyboy knows where are all those  "placeholders" coming from? From where the HTML email templates are taking that info?

I simply can´t find the little feckers...

Thanx guys

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Hi COTOKO... thanx for quick reply. I read that post thanx. But it seems that on 1.6 something has changed.
All the variables I need seem to be created already on those "classes/order/" php files like (Oder.php, OrderHistory.php, OrderDetail.php, OrderPayment.php)...
I looked up for the variables that uses the default email template and, I found that some it takes from one file, some from other... there is no a particular php file that holds those variables...I tried using those set on those files but no luck... ANd obviously, because the template is an HTML file, I can´t tryt my own functions to retrive those variables either!!

I need "$total_paid_tax_excl"... and "$total_tax_paid" but just from the products to buy, excluding the shiping (why they do that??

I use PS, it looks like the really made big changes in the brains of the platform..


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FOUND IT!!!!! They all are hold on the "classes/PaymentModule.php"... there you can do your own magic... create new "placeholders" or modify the ones already set.

I recommend you guys to use the "override" folrder, and dnt forget to refresh the "cache/cache_index.php" (simply remove it, it´ll recreate itself) everytime you modify that "paymentmodule" file!!!

I insist... this FIX is for PS God knows what might be in other versions :D :D


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I'm using PS The content of "PaymentModule.php" file is a bit different from the one of PS I would like to make some changes in the order confirmation e-mail, especially in the product table containing the product reference, name, quantity and so on.

In the PS version , there was some part like :

$products_list .=
                            <td style="border:1px solid #D6D4D4;">
                                <table class="table">
                                        <td width="10"> </td>
                                            <font size="2" face="Open-sans, sans-serif" color="#555454">


which doesn't exist anymore in the last PS version.

Please, anybody know where to do the changes in the table ?


Thanks in advance.

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