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Use while and counter in smarty template ?

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I have my code in php for some other project is like this


<div class="post-wrap">
  $i = 0;
  while ( have_posts() )
  if($i==1) {
    $class= 'active';
  else {
    $class= '';
 <div class="box '.$class.'"></div>


 Now this gives the output like 


<div class="box active"></div>
 <div class="box"></div>
 <div class="box"></div>


 In this way I have made all the posts fadein and fadeout by jQuery.


 with the same reference I want to make fadein and fadeout some texts. For that I have developed module. In that I am getting all the values from database. So my code for module like this


 public function hookfooter($params) {
  $popup_styles = "SELECT * FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."database ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1";
  $popup_styles_settings = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($popup_styles);
  return $this->display(__FILE__, 'views/templates/front/footer-display.tpl');

 Here I have fetched the data and I have assigned the values to smarty.

 Inside smarty my code is like this


{foreach from=$sliderValues item=row}
  <div class="box">name</div>
  <div class="box">name2</div>
  <div class="box">name3</div>


but here I don't know how to use while and make loop counter so that I can add class active for jquery.

So can somone kindly tell me how to make this work? Any help and suggestions will be really appreciable. Thanks

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