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In the 1.6 backoffice in the dashboard screen, on the right hand side bar displays "prestashop news"  I can't find instructions for either editing the words and links or disabling that function. 


Can someone please provide instructions where to find the file for editing & instructions for editing?


I imagine many people would find this post helpful and if its already been posted before, please provide link to the post. 


Thank you for your time. 

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Thanks for getting back with me so quickly, I reviewed the instructions and they appear to be for prestashop 1.5. I am looking for editing/changing files for prestashop 1.6. 


Have you successfully edited per the instructions in presetashop 1.6?


If you have please let me know and I would suggest updating the how-to doc to include 1.6. 


Thank you.

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open file:

/ADMIN_DIR/themes/default/template/controllers/deashboard/helpers/view/view.tpl and remove this code:

			<section class="dash_news panel">
				<h3><i class="icon-rss"></i> PrestaShop News</h3>
				<div class="dash_news_content"></div>
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Found this thread whilst looking to solve my problem of removing the adverts (eBay, Google etc) on the dashboard in 1.6.


Although this thread did not solve my problem, I thought I'd post my simple fix: Disable/Uninstall the 'Merchant Expertise' module under the 'Modules' tab.


This will remove those pesky advert banners.



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