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Template Manager puts {MEDIUM_IMAGE_1} twice instead {MEDIUM_IMAGE_2}


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When I synchronize my prestashop product with eBay it puts {MEDIUM_IMAGE_1} twice instead {MEDIUM_IMAGE_2}. 


All is correct in the code in a database:



Is anyone came across a similar problem?
It was correct two days ago. 

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Do you found a solution for that problem? I have the same issue.

{MEDIUM_IMAGE_3} is also twice and {MEDIUM_IMAGE_4} isnt shown - only the text "{MEDIUM_IMAGE_4}"


try to set the number of product images to a higher number in the "other settings" tab, i have the german version, but i mean the tabs settings, Synchronise, Visualisation, other settings on the top right, maybe it works?

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Hi Guys, Yes I have found solution for this. Just go to your database and directly paste your template there. It will be fine that way. By the way the free version of eBay is good for its price but will be failing on some weird addresses from eBay. My advise is to buy a commercial version. If not you oversell or not send an item to the customer. I also had a bad experience with eBay Revolution by Prestalia they go for holidays and close their company for a week or two and probably a couple more times during a year. There is no one who will help you in case of problems for days! Too amateurish for me I cant afford for not selling and waiting for them to the end of they happy holidays. I use PrestaBay since a year and it is brilliant, no problems if any immediately support as any online business requires.

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